Month: February 2014

Oil Pipelines from Russia to Western Europe

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Oil Pipelines from Russia to Western Europe


Can Utopia be attained?

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I observe many humanitarians, and even politicians who seem to have formed a world view based on the idea that human beings can exist side by side and only pursue causes that are noble.  The obstacles to them are that some have less than others, some are less educated etc.  If all men were given the same resource, this problem would go away.  There is a comfort in attaching yourself to this sort of world view, and as good as it may feel, it is simply a fallacy.   Studying history may be a helpful aid in understanding the brutal nature of man…not all men, but many.   There will always be a covetous nature in people that see what you have and will want it for themselves.  Living by knowing this truth does not have to make one guarded or combative, in fact one can relax most when understanding the world is not a just or perfect place but it is a good place.  Heaven on earth is a noble but lost cause.